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Imperium Data Networks is a subsidiary of Imperium Data, a full-service Information Technology services firm. Imperium Data was founded in June of 2018 on the belief that when a premium product is supported by operational excellence, unsurpassed service, and quality price, superior value is created. By the end of 2018, Imperium Data had shipped over $800,000 worth of network switches, wireless access points, and telecommunications hardware out of a household garage. We have grown beyond just hardware, and today, Imperium Data is a provider of IT technology, talent, and services to businesses, governments, and education systems.

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Our team (1) insists on higher standards by offering managed services, human capital solutions, and technology products that allow business leaders to continue working on their business rather than in it. Our sales executives and talent consultants are (16) fanatics about response time and strive to instantaneously provide solutions for everything, from your data center firewall to the people needed for your Dynamics 365 Implementation. They also (24) go the extra mile to deploy our in-house technical resources to help your company decide on which developing products and technologies will help power your business best. We do this by offering Pre-Sales Engineering, Post-Sales support, IT Staff Augmentation, and Lifetime Warranties on network hardware that helps your company extend the life cycle of its equipment.

This helps you save time, money, and most importantly, (17) create win-win solutions across your company’s IT, human resources, and accounting departments. That said, to get to where we are today, Imperium needed to move out of a household garage and hire more employees. So, in January of 2019, we moved into our first commercial space and began hiring. To succeed, we knew we had to foster an entrepreneurial environment and company culture that (2) thinks big, (9) rises to the occasion, and most importantly, (3) trains to be replaced, as we believe promoting from within is critical to our firm’s long-term success. To cultivate this environment, we are driven by our 26 Fundamentals. You will find the fundamentals highlighted throughout by their number on the list. At the beginning of each week, we highlight in our internal organization-wide email (19) celebrates successes, reviews progress of short and long term goals, and most importantly, reflects on the upcoming week’s Fundamental.

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