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ADTRAN is built on the premise that people can do incredible things when they are connected. With this idea as the backbone of their company, ADTRAN helps communications service providers around the globe manage and scale solutions that are vital to the connection of data to fuel progress for mankind.

ADTRAN Solutions

Adtran Solutions are designed to optimize and upgrade existing infrastructures, and develop new multi-gigabit platforms capable of leveraging new technologies of tomorrow. From data analytics and machine learning to cloud economics and open ecosystems, the company’s products strive toward bettering the future of global networking.

A leading global provider of communications and networking equipment, ADTRAN’s product catalog features a full line of products and solutions to address the connectivity needs of businesses ranging in size from smaller companies to large enterprise organizations.

Imperium Data Networks helps connect businesses of all sizes with networking and telecom solutions from esteemed provider ADTRAN.

  • Networking – The NetVanta Series is ADTRAN’s comprehensive line of enterprise-level networking equipment. This portfolio was designed to lower networking costs without forcing businesses to compromise on their needs for reliability or performance. ADTRAN networking routers address the biggest networking priorities for organizations in today’s business world, including protocols for WAN and LAN, support for next-gen technologies, and exceptional troubleshooting features. NetVanta also offers a broad line of routing and IP communication products. n-Command, ADTRAN’s set of networking productivity controls, assists in the management of networks that are powered by ADTRAN products.
  • Telecom – ADTRAN telecommunications products enable data, voice, video, and Internet communications across a wide variety of networking infrastructures. From VoIP and SIP gateways to session border controllers, ADTRAN offers all of the telecommunications products your business needs.

ADTRAN products and solutions are an ideal choice for companies looking to further or modernize their current networks or create new solutions from the ground up.


If you are looking for new networking and telecommunication systems for your organization, contact the experts at Imperium Data Networks today to learn if cost-effective products from ADTRAN could be the right choice for you and your data needs. We will work with you to find the perfect solutions for your unique needs.