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Whether you are looking for the right servers and data storage solutions or shopping for important power backups and surge protectors, APC offers products that can fit your company’s needs.

Servers and Data Storage Solutions by APC

APC Schneider Electric is known as the industry standard for reliable, physical information technology infrastructure and power options. Formerly known as the American Power Conversion Corporation, APC offers its customers certainty in a connected world. After all, data and connectivity are absolutely crucial for success in business, which is why APC products are designed to help things run more efficiently with reliability as the top priority.


APC Schneider Electric

From full-scale data center infrastructure to battery backups and surge protectors that protect your data from outages, APC’s solutions can help ensure that your business continues to efficiently run no matter the situation.


Computers and User Devices

Whether your company is looking for a surge protector for employee personal computers or backups in case of emergency, APC has you covered. The APC Back-UPS battery guarantees power and surge protection for wireless networks and other electronics, while the Back-UPS Pro line offers guaranteed protection for high-performance computer systems, routers and modems, external storage devices, and other vital business systems. The Back-UPS Connect is the most powerful backup available from APC and is designed to power important networking equipment for prolonged periods of power loss. Power strips for extra outlets and built-in surge protection are also available from APC.


Servers and Data Storage

Whether your server rooms are physically in the office or located in the cloud, APC’s server room products can help you with all of your data storage needs. APC’s server room solutions are pre-engineered systems that help take the guesswork out of designing your own system. Standardized and developed for seamless integration, these servers are customized to deliver high availability while increasing agility and lowering costs. The APC product catalog includes integrated solutions including power, cooling racks, management, and vital security components designed to work together in one integrated server room design.

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