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Originally founded as a wireline access systems company, Calix is now a top communications software and services provider. Their innovative communication tools help organizations master and monetize their complex infrastructures while delivering unified data access and the smart technology of tomorrow.

Today, the heart of Calix’s approach to communications systems is its Access Extensibile Operating System (AXOS). This Linux-based, software-defined networking operating system and software platform allows for software-defined access without the necessity for underlying hardware and associated chipsets.

AXOS helps businesses tackle the complexity of the modern “back office” while accelerating overall revenue capabilities. The AXOS system offers the benefits of hardware independence, common workflows and service models, a fully abstracted service layer, and an always-on operational environment. These benefits change the way that data is accessed within a network while dramatically simplifying overall operations.

AXOS harnesses the power of software-defined networks with a modular architecture that provides powerful building blocks for simplified, efficient network building.

  • The Advanced Routing Protocol module (ARm) transforms existing networks into routed networks with the addition of edge routing.
  • The Routing Protocol module (RPm) allows for visibility into access networks with greater overall security.
  • The Subscriber Management module (SMm) simplifies network workflows and subscriber management while consolidating subscriber information.


For unified access management, the Calix Management System (CMS) combines a rich set of tools for service and network configuration, as well as surveillance, performance, and administration. CMS also delivers full FCAPS, or Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and security.

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