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CTAP Brings You: Demystify Your WAN Edge with a Secure SD-WAN Assessment Report

CTAP for Wide Area Networks’ (or WAN) importance cannot be understated. It connects all business resources, serving as the foundation for the network of many companies. Businesses, institutions, educational groups, and many others use WAN to pass along data and information to individuals who are students, colleagues, customers, and more in locations near and far (including as far as the other side of the earth).


These group and their reliance on networking systems is a result of global and societal trends which have seen increases in technology and increased societal dependence on technology. These trends, paired with the globalization of the world through economies, education, and culture, have pushed the importance of these networks.


Technological innovation has resulted in networking systems taking over almost all aspects of our life. Everyone in the modern world seems to be using some type of networking system regularly, whether they realize it or not. Phone applications, computer applications, apps linked to watches, etc. all rely on this overall data network. As these technologies have increased their presence, so has their speed – creating a now historically impatient society that craves fast action, fast loading, and other elements of consistent content. This cycle has only increased upon itself as faster data has resulted in more data being consumed, meaning an increased load on data networks. These same principles and thinking to apply to everything from your leisurely at-home phone use to your at-work employment bases use of networks.


Work From Home Calls for Fast Action

Covid-19 and the effects of 2020 social distancing paired with work at home atmospheres have only boosted the reliance on networks. Many interactions previously handled in person are now being dealt with over the cloud, through an app, etc. These changes in behavior have seen some companies report as much as a 50% rise in internet usage in 2020, staggering numbers even for already technologically reliant societies.


These habits and trends have resulted in higher bandwidth and data consumption at all hours of the day. While consumption and bandwidth numbers have historically dropped during off-hours, many of these so-called “off hours” are now being consumed with technology as social interaction has been pushed into a network setting.


As trends and actions have changed, so have the needs and requirements for Wide Area Networks. As a result, software-defined WAN (or SD-WAN) technologies have become increasingly popular. Through overlaying SD-WAN technologies, one can shift the deployment and management of these technologies. The overall result is more efficient technologies, simplified network operations, and an overall reduction in spending. We have seen many of our customers challenged by the oversight of these technologies for large and small groups. Many have security issues; others have out of control costs, while others have problems and either do not know where they come from or do not even know they exist. Fortunately, there are solutions to these challenges, particularly through appropriately implements SD-WAN Assessment reports.


How Can We Help?

Our reporting will work first to understand your group, second to your network, and third to assess areas for improvement or tweaking. Key questions will be asked and answered as you are guided through the process, even if you do not initially know the answers. What applications are used and how? Bandwidth requirements will be measured, and efficient solutions will be sought. Performance metrics will also be analyzed while also taking into account threats currently in place and those that may arise in the future. How is traffic now being secured? Where are you vulnerable? What damage can be caused?


There are many questions to ask, and the Assessment Process will not only answer these questions, but also paint a well-articulated simple picture so those who are and those who are not familiar with the language around these networks can equally understand, digest, and be decisive as to any actions measures relative to their networking. Our goals are to make you fast, safe, and efficient while also not confusing our customers. After anyone can come up with a good idea; however, it is useless if nobody understands the concept. Our Assessment Reports will simplify and improve the life of your business. Rest easy that Imperium Data has you covered.

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