Full System Support by Dell

Imperium Data Networks is proud to maintain a close partner relationship with Dell to continue to bring the latest technologies and solutions to our clients.

Dell solutions and products

A widely recognized brand in the world of computers and technology, Dell Technologies is at the forefront of driving the digital future with the combined power of seven industry-leading brands, including VMware. Dell’s products are designed to help companies and individuals build their digital futures while transforming how you are able to work. From edge to core to cloud, the full suite of Dell products and solutions provides organizations and individuals with some of the industry’s broadest and most innovative technologies.

Our experts are able to help or manage all aspects of the process of updating your existing technologies and implementing new products.


We offer the following Dell solutions and products:


Computers and User Devices

From servers, storage, and networking solutions to PCs and 2-in-1 laptops, Dell offers a full suite of computers and user devices for businesses of all sizes. You can rest assured that your organization will run swiftly and smoothly with Dell devices.



The Dell EMC networking portfolio empowers companies to meet the demands of their modern workload from edge computing to cloud-based technologies and core. Between their PowerSwitch cloud solutions and implementations, maximized connectivity at the edge with integrated hardware and software solutions, and integrated data center switching solutions, Dell has your networking needs covered.



Dell’s security products and solutions create a secure foundation starting from the endpoint with trusted devices and trusted data. Their SafeID, SafeBIOS, SafeData, and SafeGuard products cover a range of security issues, including mobile and endpoint security as well as identity and access management.


Servers and Data Storage

With Dell’s PowerEdge servers, businesses are able to continue to grow with scalable solutions to save money and time in the future. These exceptional servers offer powerful, reliable performance for companies of all sizes and industries. Dell’s data storage solutions allow your company to expand as needed while continually intelligently managing existing data.


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