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Eaton is a power management company developed with the goal of helping companies manage their electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic power in a more reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable way.

Imperium Data Networks offers computers and user devices from Eaton.

  • Computers and User Devices – The Eaton SMP SC-2200 computer platform is designed as a rugged, fanless solution to support mission-critical applications in the harshest of environments. This device is one of, if not the most reliable, powerful, and scalable hardened computers in the industry. With no moving parts, hot-swappable dual power supplies, and no fans, this device meets the most rigorous standards for substation-grade devices. It is immune to vibration and electrical surges while withstanding a wide temperature range. The SMP SC-2200 computer can also be configured for use as a high-performance server to host and support a virtual infrastructure when needed.
  • Eaton also offers a wide array of automatic transfer switches, backup power UPS products, DC power options, power distribution units for IT equipment, surge protectors, power management software and super capacitors, temporary and backup power options, tailored and prefabricated power solutions, as well as many other products to meet the power management needs of businesses of all sizes.

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To learn more about Eaton products and solutions, and to find out if they could be the right solutions for your organization, contact the experts at Imperium Data Networks.