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Extreme Networks was built upon the knowledge that a business’s network is its most strategic and powerful business asset, which is why they have committed their company to enable other companies to make the most of it. As one of the largest providers of high-performance wireless networking solutions in the world, Extreme Networks delivers the highest quality products created by some of the best innovators in the world.


Companies and enterprises of all sizes can benefit from the comprehensive data center product portfolio offered by Extreme Networks.



Positioned as a leader in the world of networking solutions, Extreme provides a full line of switching and routing products to meet the demands of organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Not only are these products high performing, but they also offer intelligence, agility, and simplicity when it comes to network management.

Its K-Series switch is one of the most cost-effective, flow-based switching solutions in the industry and is known for its impressive levels of automation, visibility, and control. The S-Series family of switches is a premier level enterprise flow-based solution complete with distributed switching to the network access layer, distribution layer, enterprise core, and data center. For those with cloud requirements, the BlackDiamond X8 offers seamless connectivity at the hardware layer with a simple and scalable central network. The Summit X440 series is another intelligent, cost-effective switching option with a converged access edge combined with the intelligence and resiliency of the ExtremeXOS network.



Extreme’s Management Center software is designed to make management a simplified, streamlined process for companies of all sizes. Extreme’s software offers integrated wireless and wired system management, automated alerts, and access to devices regardless of the vendor.



Extreme offers Wi-Fi infrastructure that creates a customer-focused network built with high performance and high availability as the top priorities. From cloud and controllers, indoor and outdoor access points, specialized in Wi-Fi 6 products, Extreme has products and solutions for all wireless needs.

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