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With security-driven networking solutions, high performing firewalls and security products, as well as an innovative total product portfolio, Imperium Data Networks is proud to be a trusted reseller of Fortinet’s solutions to help organizations protect themselves from a world of evolving threats.

Our Solutions

As a company, Fortinet’s goal is to deliver truly integrated, broad, and high-performance security across the total information technology infrastructure as one cohesive, cooperative “fabric.” Their unique Security Fabric delivers a broad, integrated, and automated approach to security while giving users exceptional performance, as well as better visibility and control into data. Fortinet’s product line and overall effectiveness have been proven through validation in an array of areas.

After recognizing the need for both high-performance networks and strong overall security, Fortinet’s networking and security products are combined into one Network Security Solution as a part of their Security Fabric. This combination of powerful technologies enables users to have complete visibility while providing automated threat protection. While delivering unmatched performance levels, a reduction in overall system complexity, and some of the top security solutions in the industry.


Fortinet Offers Full Networking and Security Services



Fortinet’s Application-aware WAN Edge product helps steer high volumes of applications with maintained performance and security, while their Reduce Operating Expenses (OpEx) solution transitions costly MPLS to broadband and improves quality. Network operators are able to segment network and infrastructure to meet the business’s intent with the application of adaptive access control and automated threat protection.



Every aspect of security, from endpoint and device protection to app security and multi-cloud security, is included in Fortinet’s unique Security Fabric approach to holistic security. The FortiOS acts as the foundation of this solution by consolidating many technologies and use cases into a single management framework and policy. This grants customers the opportunity to gain visibility and control of their data at a deeper level with reduced complexity, superior protection, and improved efficiency at an operational level.


The expertise and experience of the Imperium Data Networks team allows us to help businesses choose, implement, and maintain their networking and security solutions. Contact us today to learn how Fortinet products could help protect your organization.


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