Intel Networks

As the world’s leading provider of computer processors, chances are that if you own a computer or laptop, you also own an INTEL processor. The brand was founded on the idea of solving global challenges and disrupting industries with the power of technology. Currently, in addition to their processors, INTEL focuses on harnessing the capabilities of the cloud, advancing Internet of Things devices, furthering the speed of 5G connectivity, and offering progressive, advanced memory and programmable solutions.

From your employee’s laptops to your data center firewalls, our team strives to provide businesses with the highest level of customer service coupled with the best in technology to create systems that help your company excel.


Computers and User Devices

Computer systems and user devices powered by INTEL help businesses transform with a wide array of powerful, highly configurable and reliable options to meet their needs. From desktops, powerful laptops, tablets, and smartphones to compute sticks and cards, INTEL’s industry-leading products are sure to meet and exceed the requirements of your company.


Servers and Data Storage

INTEL’s scalable storage solutions help innovative businesses turn their data growth into a competitive advantage. As recent data trends, such as an increased number of users and devices thanks to the Internet of Things, have pushed the boundaries of data storage to a whole new level. INTEL servers and data storage products offer end-to-end data solutions to exceed current needs while preparing for the need for expansion in the future.



From cellular modems to Wireless-AC and Wi-Fi 6 products, wireless solutions by INTEL offer advanced technologies to provide reliable, high-performance connections for companies of all sizes. Organizations are able to meet their growing demands for higher bandwidth while exceeding the expectations of end users and managing massive communications.


Our experts at Imperium Data Networks are available to work with your organization to help you find the best solutions for your technological requirements. With years of experience, operational excellence, and unsurpassed service and value, our experts can help you with all of your IT and telecommunications needs. Contact us today to learn more about INTEL products.