About Us

Imperium Data is a reseller of IT and Telecommunications products. We firmly believe that the only thing any company has to offer is customer service, as all other technological, electronic, or commercial services can be duplicated or will soon be obsolete. We encourage each other to listen to our customers, then work as a team to create innovative solutions to satisfy their needs. We believe customers rarely want to just buy technology or a product, but instead are looking for a complete solution that resolves their individual issue quickly, pleasantly, and professionally. Fill that need and the customer is the winner.

Our Specialties

Telecommunications, Data Networking, Cisco, Telephony, Juniper, Enterprise Wireless, Third Party Maintenance, IDN Branded Optics, GPON, Optical Transport, Data Center,Switching & Routing, Data Storage, Servers, IT Security, Firewalls, DDoS Mitegation, CMTS Systems, Video Headend, Fiber Cables, and APC

Our Story

Connecting The World Since 2013

Our Story

The IT Hardware industry is dominated by a handful of companies that have been able to keep prices high while reaping huge profits from their customers who see no other option in procuring the hardware necessary to keep their enterprises running efficiently.

As a result, Imperium Date Networks was founded on the belief that when a premium product is supported by operational excellence, unsurpassed service, and quality price, superior value is created.

By circumventing traditional channels, engaging with customers directly, and creating an unrivaled environment for exceptional people, Imperium Data is able to deliver network hardware quickly, pleasantly, and at a price that creates long term value for our customers. 

We pride ourselves by the company we keep, both our colleagues and our customers, and our mission as a company is to help our customers make distinctive, significant, and lasting improvements to their IT Infrastructure while fostering a work environment that stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit, encourages feedback and responsiveness, and most importantly, develops, motivates, and retains extraordinary talent.


5483 West Waters Ave. Ste 1200N TampaFlorida 33634, United States