Computers and Networking from Lenovo

As a reseller of IT network hardware and telecommunications products, we at Imperium Data Networks are proud to offer Lenovo products and solutions to our clients.

Lenovo Products and Solutions

A trusted and esteemed name in the world of technology, Lenovo has operations facilities in more than 60 countries and sells its products in 160 countries. around the globe. As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Lenovo offers a full line of products ranging from laptops and ultrabooks to servers and networking solutions.


IDN uses the right Lenovo systems to provide companies like yours the following solutions:


Computers and User Devices

Lenovo officially became the largest PC company and third largest smartphone company in the world in 2013. Their robust product portfolio includes a wide variety of computers and user devices, including solutions for the Internet of Things, laptops such as the ThinkPad, workstations, tablets, monitors, desktop personal computers, smartphones, Lenovo Pro solutions, and many more.



Built to allow businesses to scale their data centers as needed, Lenovo networking switches and products are built to future-proof current cloud technologies while keeping high performance and great value the top priorities. Their networking product range includes ethernet RackSwitch, ethernet switches for flex use, open networking switches and software, as well as campus switches.


Servers and Data Storage

No matter your aspirations or business goals, Lenovo servers and data storage solutions can help your company leverage the power of your data with servers that match your specific aspirations or business goals needs. Ranked number one among providers of the world’s largest TOP500 supercomputing, Lenovo servers help to reduce cost and complexity with a system that can not only can handle today’s needs, but also tomorrow’s. All data center products are tested and ensured to deliver a top-tier performance while passing stringent security requirements to keep your business running at peak performance. Complete with easy integration, flexible designs, and scalable products, Lenovo servers and data storage solutions are among the top in the industry. for a reason.


Our team of professionals has extensive experience with these products and can help you determine the ideal choices for your own organization. If you would like to learn more about Lenovo and Imperium Data Networks, contact us today.


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