Our Philosophy

Imperium Data Networks is an esteemed retailer of information technology and telecommunications products. We are built upon the idea that, no matter the industry, customer service is the only real thing a company has to offer. Products and services are offered and found elsewhere. Customer service is what sets Imperium Data Networks apart.

Our company was founded on the belief that superior value is only created by a company when a premium product is supported by unsurpassed service, operational excellence, and at a quality, fair price. Our team circumvents traditional channels and opts for taking the time for real engagement with our customers directly to create long-term value. Customers rarely simply want to buy a product or solution and walk away. They want a complete solution with advice that will help resolve their individual, unique needs.

We pride ourselves not only on our colleagues, customers, and partnerships, but also our dedication to our customers. We offer a lifetime warranty on our equipment to ensure ultimate satisfaction for our customers. Our catalog of products and services ranges from providing desktop telephones to data center firewalls. In addition to our catalog of products and solutions from the top names in the industry, we are also dedicated to providing:

  • IT Support – Our Power Care program can help you support legacy network assets with 24/7, 365-day technical support and next-day replacement for products. Power Care is available to help extend the lifespan of existing assets or is available with new assets purchased from Imperium Data Networks.
  • Network Support – Imperium Data Networks has worked with Tier One telecommunications companies, data centers, large utilities, and enterprises from all across the globe. We have the insight, expertise, and experience to deliver information technology infrastructure products regardless of timeline or budget.

The experts at Imperium Data Networks are available to help your company reach its full potential with our expertise and partnerships. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your organization.