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Since 1985, Raritan has been developing progressive KVM switches to allow information technology professionals to manage servers remotely. Today, Raritan is a leading name in the world of intelligent rack PDUs. Their solutions are used to increase the reliability and overall intelligence in nine out of the top ten Fortune 500 technology companies.

Raritan PDUs, intelligent energy and power monitoring products, and full catalog of solutions are designed to help companies transform the way that they manage the power chains of their data centers. From small businesses to enterprise-level firms, Raritan’s full line of scalable and compatible KVM and connectivity products for remote management provide IT professionals with the most secure, flexible, and reliable solutions, both in and out of band., for the management of data centers to improve productivity.


Imperium Data Networks offers servers and data storage solutions, as well as computers and user devices, by esteemed provider Raritan.


Computers and User Devices

Raritan offers a range of comprehensive solutions and accessories to help enhance their products and assist in the intelligent management of infrastructure. Additionally, the company provides integrated 1U console drawers for use in data centers, server rooms, or any space-critical environments.


Servers and Data Storage

Offering the industry’s most intelligent solutions, Raritan has a variety of products to meet the requirements of companies’ data storage and servers. Their company’s rack power distribution products include inline meters, transfer switches, branch circuit monitoring systems, as well as their top-of-the-line rack power distribution units (PDUs). Raritan’s KVM switches allow for switching up to 64 multi-platform servers with just one of the company’s analog switches. Their IP KVM switches are also offer award-winning and allow serial and remote access with five generations of innovative products. The SX II series of serial console servers offers network administrators secure serial-over-IP access and device control in one next-generation solution. Raritan’s environmental sensors are designed to alert network managers of potential threats to data center equipment with unique features, such as plug-and-play directly into iPDUs and replaceable sensor heads.


Our experts at Imperium Data Networks are available to work with your organization to help you find the best solutions for your technological requirements. With years of experience, operational excellence, and unsurpassed service and value, our experts can help you with all of your IT and telecommunications needs. Contact us today to learn more about Raritan products.