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With a goal of redefining connectivity by bridging the digital divide and connecting people on a global scale, Ruckus offers a complete line of high-performance network access infrastructure products and solutions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.


At IDN we use Ruckus products and services to provide our clients with the following solutions:



Ruckus networking technology is ideal for all kinds of customers, ranging from small local businesses to large government agencies. This trusted tech provider’s commitment to innovation has allowed them to meet the evolving needs of today’s technology landscape by enabling edge network convergence. From network switches and their Smart Wi-Fi platform to cloud-based deployments, Ruckus networking products and solutions are award-winning.



Ruckus makes security a priority through in-depth research, analysis, and management to ensure that all products and solutions are secure at all times.



Designed to help companies get the most from their networks while not compromising on cybersecurity, the Ruckus software portfolio offers a wide array of solutions, for modern businesses. for those looking for a security and policy management platform for wireless and wired devices, through their CloudPath Enrollment System. can be of great help. The Ruckus SmartCell Insight provides KPIs and insight into wireless analytics for thousands of access points. Wi-Fi designing, estimating, and tracking are made easy with the Ruckus RF Planning and Location Analytics programs.



The Ruckus portfolio of wireless products provides users with reliable access to secure Wi-Fi through the use of innovative wireless technology. Their end-user connectivity experience reduces the overall amount of time required to manage the network while packing more capability into every element. Ruckus wireless products have been trusted and used by organizations ranging from smart cities to United States Federal Government institutions.


Our experts at Imperium Data Networks are available to work with your organization to help you find the best solutions for your technological requirements. With years of experience, operational excellence, and unsurpassed service and value, our experts can help you with all of your IT and telecommunications needs. Contact us today to learn more about Ruckus products.