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With our premium partnerships and relationships with the top brands in the industry, ensure Imperium Data Networks can assist you with all of your software needs.

Software Solutions by IDN

The sheer amount of software available today can be overwhelming, to say the least. When it comes to choosing, purchasing, and installing the right software for your business, the task may seem virtually impossible.

We pride ourselves on the company we keep and the customers who trust in us to manage all of their IT and software needs. The Imperium Data Networks experts understand the technological demands of today’s business world and work to connect our clients with the latest, most updated solutions for their unique company needs.


IDN provides the best systems from the following providers:



Calix is a recognized global leader in the world of cloud and software platforms that are required to deliver the most updated and modern unified access networks and smart premises of the future. Deployment of their software solutions can help turn the ever-accelerating subscriber demand into new revenue streams while connecting all necessary systems and parties that are required.



Designed to make things simpler and more streamlined for organizations of all sizes, Extreme’s Management Center software offers integrated wired and wireless management, automated alerts for reduced administrative tasks, and access to devices across vendors.



The Ruckus software portfolio was designed to help your organization extract maximum value from your network while bettering overall security. Ruckus SmartCell Insight gives users wireless analytics and KPIs for thousands of access points, while their RF Planning tool is ideal for designing and estimating overall Wi-Fi system setups. Mobile apps are available for controllers, cloud Wi-Fi, and performance testing as well as a CloudPath enrollment system for security on BYOD and Internet of Things devices.



A leading provider of cloud data management software, Veeam makes backup and intelligent recovery, DR orchestration, cloud mobility, copy data management, and monitoring and analytics easy to access via one a single platform. With one solution and seamless deployment, your business’s mission-critical data is always available while requiring fewer overall resources are required.



VMware’s Workstation Pro has become the industry standard for running multiple operating systems on a single PC. From developers and businesses to information technology professionals, anyone who builds, tests, or demos software for any kind of device, platform, or cloud can rely on Workstation Pro to accomplish their goals.

At Imperium Data Networks, our relationships with industry-leading brands can help connect your business with the right software to fit your needs. Contact us to get started with our experts today.


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