Are you experiencing slow connectivity, increased helpdesk tickets, troubleshooting & reporting delays, or haven’t found the right service provider?

Discover Imperium Data Networks’ intelligent and intuitive Wi-Fi connectivity program, ID Wi-Fi.

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Imperium Data Networks offers solutions that best suit our customers and their organizations. Our experts will work with you to meet all your connectivity needs.

When it comes to your network, your business has other aspects to focus on instead of managing and monitoring any concerns that arise. The overall management of your WAN, LAN and WLAN issues require time, budget, and expertise.

When you partner with Imperium Data Networks, our ID Wi-Fi team will provide an extensive, tailor-made Wi-Fi connectivity solution for your company—removing ongoing maintenance from your workload and elevating your standard of Wi-Fi connectivity.



  • Leveraging AI technology allows your organization to gain real-time insights of your network and improves user experience.
  • Managing from a single pane of glass, you’ll gain details about network events at a client, device, and site level.
  • AI technology detects, identifies, and simplifies troubleshooting problems on the network and recommends an action.


Our cloud managed Wi-Fi service offers many features that are beneficial to business operations, including increased uptime, advanced network security features, scalability in response to user demand, network segmentation & BYOD features, and 24/7 monitoring & reporting (analytics dashboard).


Wi-Fi-as-a-Service (WaaS) is configured and implemented to best serve network access demands. Therefore, WaaS is delivered to the customer as a complete turnkey design. This means that all aspects of the service are typically inclusive, from planning and installing the necessary IT infrastructure to the measures put in place to monitor and manage the system.


1. Design Phase

This phase will likely include an on-site visit from technical staff working on behalf of the vendor. Consideration will be given to the locations and type of Wi-Fi antennas required.

2. Implementation Phase

The implementation phase involves carrying out all necessary work to install and configure the Wi-Fi network. This involves all cabling and Access Point placements.

3. Real-Time Network Monitoring & Support

Outsourced monitoring and support of all wireless network infrastructure hardware components free up IT staff for core business functions. We proactively troubleshoot devices and facilitate the end-to-end replacement process of any defective devices, managing the vendor ticket and shipment of hardware.

4. Customer User & Guest Support

As part of our subscription-based package, support services reduce costs related to lowered staffing demands. User support includes troubleshooting user access to the secured wireless network and supporting IoT devices without a user interface. Guest wireless support assists guests in connecting to various devices from phones, tablets, and laptops, accepting terms and conditions, and reaching the internet.

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