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Transforming Network Services: A Medical Center Solution-Driven Upgrade

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In the world of network services, it’s a familiar story: discontent brews among customers with their existing service providers. Often, this frustration reaches its peak during contract renewals, as service issues surface and costs spiral out of control. Managing aging infrastructure, outdated equipment, or a poorly designed network that has fallen into disarray becomes an increasingly daunting task, burdening the IT department with demands for more time and resources. In this narrative, our clients, predominantly comprised of doctors and their staff, found themselves particularly vexed by sluggish network speeds and unreliable connectivity, compelling them to seek change.


The Challenge

The medical center confronted an array of challenges stemming from antiquated infrastructure, aging equipment, and a network that was ill-suited for modern demands. With two buildings spanning a total of 13 floors, the scope of the project was substantial. Their existing network is in dire need of a comprehensive upgrade.


The Solution

The first step in the transformation journey was the comprehensive replacement of old equipment and outdated wiring. This was followed by a strategic upgrade of the entire network, featuring 8 state-of-the-art switches and a staggering 118 wireless access points. For this upgrade, we partnered with Juniper Networks, a leading provider of cutting-edge networking solutions. What set this upgrade apart was the incorporation of artificial intelligence, designed to provide seamless support for thousands of users every month, requiring minimal to no interaction on the customer’s end.


The Implementation

Meticulous planning and rigorous design configurations laid the foundation for a smooth transition. The entire upgrade, from dismantling the old network to installing the new one, was executed efficiently within a single night. The only hiccup encountered was the need to establish a return route left incomplete by the client’s previous managed services provider. While some guest users may have noticed a new user acceptance page for free wireless access, this minor change was just a small part of the overall enhancement.


The Outcomes

The impact of the upgraded network has been nothing short of astounding. Users now revel in significantly higher speeds, faster and more dependable connections, and a remarkable reduction in support ticket requests. The results are crystal clear: both our clients and our team are ecstatic about the improved network performance.


In an industry where dissatisfaction with network services often prevails, we take immense pride in being the catalyst for positive change. Our commitment to consistently delivering solutions that elevate user experiences and drive customer satisfaction remains unwavering. The medical center’s journey from network frustration to network excellence is a testament to the power of partnership, innovation, and solution-driven upgrades that empower organizations to thrive in today’s digital age. To learn more about Imperium Data, click here.

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