Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite Manufacturer

Tripp Lite is the premier name in the IT industry. For over 95 years Tripp Lite has strived to provide quality services and products such as power distribution units (PDUS), digital signage tools, power surges, and so much more. From Tripp Lite’s workstation solutions to their industrial products, they have one of the largest IT solution ranges of any industry provider. Tripp Lite products are of the highest quality in the industry and can work for all settings from industrial and government needs to small business solutions.

Tripp Lite also has a range of services that assist in creating digital signage and running applications. The products and services provided by Tripp Lite are trusted by government agencies, education networks, large corporations, and small businesses as well. Tripp Lite works closely with all distributors and service providers to ensure a quality product experience for all customers.


Surge Protectors, UPS, Power Strips

Tripp  Lite offers a variety of surge protectors, UPS, and power strip options that can accommodate all power needs. From a single cube surge protector to premium isobars, Tripp Lite has it all. The Tripp Lite power strip options come in a similar variety. Tripp Lite provides small scale power strips up to large industrial units. These products also have multiple options for cord length, total outlets, and outlet types to cater to a variety of business power solutions.

Tripp Lite also  provides an array of UPS options and UPS replacements. Options include simple UPS units to heavy-duty machinery that can accommodate to any needs. Such units come in wattage options ranging from 450W to over 1000W for maximum efficiency. All Tripp Lite surge protectors, power strips, and UPS units work together to create an efficient and seamless user experience.


Why Imperium

Imperium Data Networks is one of the most trusted names in Tripp Lite distribution and servicing. They can provide a range of business options such as servers and data storage as well as personal use devices such as computers. Products and wiring can be made to order to accommodate to any unit needs. Several options include copper wiring and power cables as well as the aforementioned custom order options for special products.

Imperium provides Tripp Lite servers as well as data storage so that businesses can access all internal and external networks required to operate their company. These units can work for any type of data management need. Tripp Lite data storage and servers are used in small offices to hospitals and industrial settings and are sure to provide a highspeed and efficient user experience.


How Imperium Provides Tripp  Lite Support

Imperium provides high quality customer care for all customer needs. Imperium provides an array of Tripp Lite products and solutions as well as installation and maintanence services for all customers. Imperium offers support for all products and data networks and can work with customers to ensure the proper care and function of all IT products from Tripp Lite.

Imperium works tirelessly to create a seamless user experience and accommodates any issues that may arise. Whether it be a database issue or wire problems, Imperium will send a team member as soon as possible to identify and solve the problem. The Imperium team treats all customers with the highest level of care and curtesy so that your business can stay up and running.


Need more insights into Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite has made outstanding product reliability and exceptional service their trademark qualities for over 95 years in the world of IT. With an impressive catalog of over 4,500 products, Tripp Lite not only manufactures products that power and connect computers, but also networking equipment and electronic devices upon which the connected world is built.

The company’s innovative product catalog includes a wide variety of IT solutions, including power distribution units (PDUs), UPS systems, KVM switches, rack and cooling solutions, cables and connectivity products, charging stations, and digital signage tools. Tripp Lite’s products and solutions are designed to help solve problems in the world of IT while meeting and exceeding expectations.

Imperium Data Networks offers a variety of Tripp Lite products and solutions, including:

  • Computers and User Devices – Tripp Lite offers a wide variety of connectivity and user device accessories to help support the IT needs of modern businesses. This includes cables ranging from copper to power cables and custom made-to-order cables, as well as networking tools and testers. The company’s power strips are used in homes and offices, network and server rooms, workbenches and cabinets in industries ranging from hospitals to industrial complexes. Tripp Lite also offers KVMs to help network administrators control devices through one single console with important features such as IP remote access.
  • Servers and Data Storage – Tripp Lite’s console servers provide organizations with secure remote access to their in-band and out-of-band serial and network-connected server, routers, network switches, firewalls, KVM switches, PDUs, and many other vital systems. These servers help consolidate device management, increase overall system availability, integrate management tools, and secure all connections while reducing costs and allowing for on-demand expansion. Their full product line of servers and data storage solutions help businesses manage their data while controlling overall costs.


Our experts at Imperium Data Networks are available to work with your organization to help you find the best solutions for your technological requirements. With years of experience, operational excellence, and unsurpassed service and value, our experts can help you with all of your IT and telecommunications needs. Contact us today to learn more about Tripp Lite products.